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Alexandria Leak Detection Services

Detecting & Repairing Leaks in Central Louisiana

An undetected leak can cause serious problems. As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with is the expensive water damage and costly plumbing repairs caused by an unnoticed leak. At Parsons Plumbing, LLC we provide leak detection and repair services in the Alexandria area to spare property owners the massive problems caused by broken plumbing and pipes. Because we use cutting-edge technology and high-end equipment, we can detect the most elusive leaks and repair them quickly and efficiently. We also provide upfront pricing so you know what it will actually cost to repair the damage, without any surprises.

Interested in learning more? Call (318) 562-4671 for our Alexandria leak detection services.

Signs of a Possible Leak

Unless you are a licensed plumber, you may not instinctively know what signs to look for when it comes to a leak in your home. An Alexandria plumbing contractor from Parsons Plumbing, LLC can troubleshoot the problem, but it is up to homeowners to notice the issue in the first place.

The following are signs that you may have a leak on your hands:

  • Your water bill has increased, but you have not been using any more water than usual. This may mean that there is a leak somewhere in your home, causing water to run and your bill to spike.
  • There is mold, mildew, staining, or a wet area somewhere on the floors, walls, or ceilings of your home. This may mean that water has leaked from pipes and into these areas. In flooring, you may notice warping or raised areas that indicate water leakage.
  • You have noticed wet spots around fixtures or appliances that use water. If you see a pool of water or a wet spot around your bathtub, shower, sink, dishwasher or washing machine, this may indicate that there is a leak in need of repair.

For emergency and routine leak detection in Alexandria, LA and beyond, call (318) 562-4671. We are ready to help.

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