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Beyond the Sink: The Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

Beyond the Sink: The Importance of Professional Drain Cleaning

It’s time to take chemical drain cleaners off of your shopping list. If your go-to solution to a clogged drain is pouring store-bought drain cleaners down your affected sink, it’s time for a change.

Why Chemical Drain Cleaners are Bad for Your Home

They Hurt Your Plumbing

Store-bought chemical cleaners are filled with harmful ingredients that are extremely abrasive. Yes, they will break through clogs in your sink, but they will also deteriorate your drains and piping. When you pour a terribly caustic solution down your drain, it coats the inside of your pipes, remaining in the system. The more you use this solution, the more it builds-up, and the more damage you cause. Your piping will begin to disintegrate as a result, and leaks will become commonplace. Water damage becomes a real danger here, so put the chemical drain cleaner down and trust professional drain cleaning services. Your pipes will thank you.

They Harm the Environment

High in toxicity, chemical drain cleaners are detrimental to the environment. These chemical containers end up in landfills, where the chemicals are absorbed into the earth. This can actually contaminate drinking water, as it can make its way into water lines. In addition, the plastic bottle isn't exactly eco-friendly. Stick to professional plumbing. They use reusable tools to extract and repair clogged drains.

They Are A Danger To Your Family

When pouring anything down a drain, there is always a chance it will splash back and onto you. If store-bought chemical cleaners splashback and make contact with you or your family’s skin, it can cause burns. If you have young children or pets, it is simply a dangerous idea to even keep this product in your home. If accidentally consumed, chemical drain cleaners can cause serious harm to you and your family’s health.

Professional Drain Cleaning Benefits

Instead of using a chemical solution, try the Parsons Plumbing solution. Here at Parsons Plumbing, our skilled drain cleaning specialists know how to navigate your pipes without harming your system. Professionals know to stay away from toxic cleaning aids, and instead, use drain snakes and hydro jetting to rid drains of any clogs. These techniques also prevent blockages from returning in the future.

The best way to ensure your drains remain clog-free is with regular professional drain maintenance. Professional drain cleaners are able to detect small clogs before you even experience symptoms, eliminating the chance of permanent pipe damage. Our skilled plumbing technicians will additionally rid your draining of any foul odors, as clean pipes do not emit aromas. You will also save money on your utility bill, as your plumbing will work more efficiently.

For professional drain cleaning services, call Parsons Plumbing, at (318) 562-4671. We will protect your plumbing.


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